My Illawarra Joy-Newlands family members have been researching the Newlands family in Australia for decades. I am a 2 x great granddaughter of Jeanett Joy nee Newlands, and  3 x great granddaughter of her parents John Newlands (1812 – 1852) and his wife Ann Ure. John and Ann had emigrated to the NSW Colony in 1837 on the “Portland“. John Newlands (1812 – 1852) appeared to descend from Merchant Tailors in Glasgow in  19th Century Scotland – and there seemed to have been a lot of John Newlands in the family tree. Then with further research it appears that our Newlands Families’ origins could also lie in Bathgate, Scotland  as well as Glasgow. From there we have been across the globe over the centuries – part of the Scots Diaspora.

There were  Newlands who emigrated to Australia from Glasgow in the 1830’s -40’s – including a number on the Portland in 1837, nb it was not unusual for extended family network members to emigrate to Australia around that time.

My personal focus is on my mother’s ancestor John Newlands (1812 – 1852).

I also have a secondary focus on William Newlands (1820 – 1869), who died in Toowoomba, though some of his descendants settled in Boggabilla, also the childhood home of my father.

  • James Newlands  (1807 – 1846) and wife Janet Stirling of Glasgow with 2 children Isabella and John – on the Portland 1837. He became the principal of James Newlands and Co Tailors in Sydney from 1840 – 1846.Was he possibly the son of John Newlands (1762 – 1838) and Isobella Walkinshaw? 
  • John Newlands (1812 – 1852) Carpenter with wife Ann Ure on the Portland 1837 – there were no children of the marriage at that stage, but 6 were born in Australia. He was the son of John Newlands Merchant Tailor Jnr of Glasgow and wife Janet Jeanett, Australian born 3rd child of John Newlands (1812 – 1852) married Alfred George Joy, and they are the ancestors of my Illawarra Joy Newlands Family members.
  • Subsequently  Isabella  Newlands (Aird) also emigrated to Australia in 1840. Family Notices relating to John and Isabella indicated that they were both the children of John Newlands Merchant Tailor of Glasgow, children of John and Janet Newlands as well the nephew and niece of the Reverend Dr William Newlands of Southwark London. This suggests that they were quite possibly siblings. The husband of IsabellaJohn Aird, also appears to have been in Tailoring.
  • William Newlands (1820 – 1869) – single Tailor of Glasgow on the Portland 1837 
  • James Newlands ( 1822 – ) – single Hairdresser of Glasgow on the Portland 1837

On to the searching of the Scottish Origins of Newlands and Merchant Tailors …

The Scottish Post Office Directories for Glasgow provided some interesting entries …  including some Newlands who were Merchant Tailors, like the ancestors of the Illawarra Newlands – Joy Family who emigrated to Australia in 1837.  :

1833 – 1834

NEWLANDS, Alexander, portioner, 4 New London road
  Newlands, John, sen. merchant tailor, 7 Moore street
  Newlands, John, jun. merchant tailor, 7 Moore street
  Newlands, Patrick, Scotch and Irish linen warehouse, 20 High street,
  house 33 St. Andrew street

There are similar entries for John Newlands Snr Merchant Tailor of Glasgow and John Newlands Jnr Merchant Tailor of Glasgow over the years from 1831 to 1838 (the year of the death of our John Newlands {1790 – 1838}).

Could John Newlands Jnr, Merchant Tailor of Glasgow mentioned  in the Glasgow 1833-1834 Postal Directory be the same John Newlands Jnr Merchant Tailor of Glasgow mentioned as the father in the 1852 death notice of the John Newlands (1812 – 1852) who emigrated to Australia ?

And two newspaper Family Notices for Isabella Newlands‘ 1840 marriage to John Airds also mention that she is the daughter of the late John Newlands Jnr Merchant Tailor of Glasgow1, 2.

And what of another John Newlands (1732/37 -1799) who was in Jamaica in the 18th Century ? – the controversial legal case regarding contesting his will ? And the Newlands with their achievements in the field of Chemistry  and the Sugar Industry ? Or the Newlands Warks – responsible for early Gas Plants in the NSW Colony ? And the Victoria Cross Winner ?

And then possibly a lot of clues from the Wood Family Tree Website   – though some are not so sure about the marriage of John Newlands who died in Jamaica in 1799?

I hadn’t thought of the Newlands being an Old Clan of Scotland ?

“The Newlands family is one of the 330 Names forming the ancient Scottish nobility, those which had Chiefs recognised by the Crown before the Union with England. Jasper Newlands of that Ilk held lands in Nithsdale in medieval times and was involved in a long legal dispute with Lord Carlyle in the period 1469-82 (see “The Scottish Peerage”). For details of the Family Arms, see the “Encylopaedia of Scottish Clans and Families” by George Way and Romilly Squire (Collins). There is also a Newlands tartan. The crest badge isgamecock hooded as a falcon and the motto is: Honour the Spur. Clan Secretary (worldwide) is John Newlands, 38 Woodhouse Road, Guisborough, Cleveland, England TS14.6LH. Clan chieftain is William Newlands of Lauriston, Lauriston Castle, by Montrose, Scotland DD10.0DJ (email as above). A Gathering of Newlands Clan members will be held at Lauriston Castle at midsummer, 1999.”

View the Newlands Tartans >> View the Newlands Clan Crest >>  View Newlands Coat of Arms >>

From Scots Clans – “Newlands, or Nielands, is also the name of an old barony in the sheriffdom of Kincardine, and in Peebles-shire a parish, so it may be the case that the surname is of territorial origin, however it is unsure.In the 1500s the name was quite common in Glasgow, and it was also once relatively common to find it in the parish of Dalswinton.”

Origins of the Clan Newlands Tartan – click here

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So it seems some of us are connected by the Name of Newlands either our own name or our ancestors’ names  – some with other Newlands by blood – and some by family connections with Newlands who came from Glasgow or Bathgate

Click here to download a Newlands Family Tree (still under construction !)

So many mysteries to uncover.